Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Principles behind EFT were discovered by clinical psychologist Dr Roger Callahan who devised a complete system of psychological healing based on the meridians.

Gary Craig trained under Callahan and went onto develop what we know as EFT. He produced a treatment plan that could be used for physical, emotional and psychological problems. Meridians are energy circuits around the body and if there is disturbance somewhere along the route then disease, pain and emotional problems can result. Knowing that each meridian was interlinked with the others meant by removing a blockage from one would have an effect on the entire circuit. Tapping on the ends of these meridians along with other techniques can help to remove these blockages.

Repetitive emotional reactions can be seen as an energetic pattern that becomes imprinted on our psyche, causing us to react in a certain way repeatedly – we become stuck in certain behavioural responses.  These patterns of behaviour often come from childhood and family dynamics. Clearing the energy system can remove emotional responses to something whether it is in the past, present or future. EFT aims to release and resolve unwanted emotions. In the process unconscious links to the problem can surface and the clearing of these can allow complete healing of the problem being addressed.

To help with physical pain the technique needs to be applied regularly, perhaps daily and over a three month period for chronic pain. Physical pain can be helped by finding out any emotional links and addressing those as well.

An important inclusion in the EFT technique is addressing ‘Psychological Reversal’. This is the term Callahan used to describe polarity reversal of the meridians; it happens when you want one thing but unconsciously you sabotage your intentions. For example, you may like to give up smoking but smoking enables you to feel more comfortable in social situations and so your mind perceives it as a benefit.