DSC_1434Kinesiology is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It allows the body’s energies to be balanced in a simple and non-invasive manner by a series of muscle tests.

These muscle tests relate to certain meridian energies, and if a muscle does not “lock” then it suggests the energy in that meridian is not flowing correctly. These energies are affected by structural, biochemical (nutritional), emotional and electrical (subtle energy) factors. So if a muscle has been damaged, or the client is eating a food to which they are intolerant, or breathing in an allergen, or hanging onto an emotion or stress response to a situation that has passed or yet to happen then these can upset the equilibrium.

Kinesiology can therefore bring the body back in harmony by working with the body structure (by releasing pain and tension) and releasing negative emotional patterns and replacing them with positive ones.

Nutritional imbalances and food intolerances can be investigated alongside looking at the digestion as a whole. When under stress, the immune and digestive systems are less effective despite eating healthily. There are many symptoms relating to problems with the Ileo-Caecal Valve such as pain in the abdomen, lower back, joints; fatigue, headaches, allergies, bloating, flatulence, nausea and even depression.

The body can hold onto old physical and emotional hurts but also viruses, parasites and fungi may still be lurking in the body. Have you had the experience where you have one infection after another? Or a certain time of year you come down with depression or a virus?

Kinesiology requires a client to lie on a massage bed fully clothed. Please drink plenty of water before you come since the muscle tests need a well-hydrated muscle! Please bring any supplements you are taking with you and do not take any for 24 hours beforehand. A surrogate will be required for those not able to do a muscle test.