Mosaic Therapeutic Healing

There are many ways to bring one back into health, happiness and balance. Through my studies of massage and energy work I have evolved a multi-dimensional approach to support that process. In my mix, I utilise Kinesiology, E.F.T, Reiki, Therapeutic Healing, Crystals, Remedies, Elixirs, Essential Oils, Visualisations, Massage, Oriental Medicine, Ayurveda and Chakras.

When a client comes for a treatment, we discuss the reasons they have come and the approach with which they feel comfortable.

Initially I may ask a client to choose a Living Tree Orchid remedy or a crystal or a divination card. It is helpful to see what the client is drawn to; we all possess intuition, sometimes it needs to be encouraged to show itself!

I like to start the treatment working with pendulums over the chakras (energy centres on, below and above the body), firstly with a wooden one to gather information on how the chakras are spinning or whether they are ‘blocked’ and then with a crystal one to start the clearing. I will then place designated chakra crystal placements on each of the chakras (crystals associated with a certain chakra). These are usually kept there for 10-15 minutes to start the balancing procedure. Crystals vibrate and they can help the body return to a healthy vibration; ill-health being where the body is vibrating ‘off-key’. The chakras are checked again to see whether their energies are now spinning correctly or whether more help is required.

Depending on what has been unearthed, I then make intuitive decisions on what areas to work with and how. This may be done with crystals placed on the body, with crystal grids, massaging with crystals, perhaps tracing meridians, using different essential oils, coloured lights or silks.

However, the focus of the treatment might be to work with clearing emotions by choosing elixirs and remedies by dowsing or a muscle test and using these with ESR (emotional stress release) or EFT (emotional freedom technique) or other emotional holding places on the body.