Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a gentle, relaxing hour-long massage. After 22 weeks of pregnancy this is done with the client lying first on their right side and then on their left side, propped up with cushions and covered with warm towels.


Benefits of massage during pregnancy:


Reduces stress hormones that can lead to anxiety and depression.

Relieves muscle tension and cramping.

Relieves joint pain.

Lessen sciatic pain.

Relieves headache.

Relieves sinus pain.

Relieves fluid retention.

Improves energy levels.

Improves circulation.

Improves sleep.

Eases digestive discomforts.

Balancing for Mother and Baby.


Comforting touch.




Treatments after first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Please consult a midwife or obstetrician before booking an appointment.