DSC_1464Reiki, Therapeutic Healing and Crystal Healing.

Reiki is channelling positive life-force energy to the receiver. Reiki means Universal Divine Energy. The energy goes where it is most needed. The treatment is both in the aura and with gentle touch on the body. Each person’s experience is different but there may be a feeling of deep relaxation, tingling, warmth, easing of pain and emotional discomfort.

Therapeutic Healing is also channelled healing in the aura and on the body but is of a different vibration to Reiki. I combine this healing with pendulums, elixirs, essences, essential oils, remedies, colour, visualisations and crystals to balance the chakras and other energy systems. Massage can also be included if the client enjoys massage, with or without crystals. This personal combination of ‘tools’ that I employ, I call Mosaic Healing.

Crystals are treasures from the Earth. Depending on how, where and when they are formed, their crystalline structure and what minerals are present within that structure will define their healing properties. Crystals work through resonance and vibration. Crystals can be place on the body on certain chakras, meridians or acupressure points or used around the body in a grid or as a massage tool or in the form of an elixir (which is the energetic imprinting in water of the crystal or group of crystals).

Chakras are energy vortexes of light on, below and above the body. Each chakra vibrates at a different vibrational frequency and they are associated with specific organs and endocrine glands; there are specific physical, emotional and psychological states relating to each of the chakras.  Also because they have a certain colour associated with them, balancing of the individual can be helped by having crystals of the same colour placed on the chakra area of the body or used as an elixir.

Crystals can be shaped into tools for massage, such as crystal wands, styluses, spheres, palm stones and tumbled stones. I usually use these tools with oils directly on the skin but the treatment can be done over light clothing without oils.